Mwp 22

MWP Introduction

The smaller Zantiks MWP helps standardise behavioural phenotyping in model organisms such as larval zebrafish, Drosophila and Daphnia. To use the Zantiks unit you need a small space on your lab bench, a nearby power supply, and your own browser-enabled device (smartphone/tablet/ laptop/PC/ Mac).


Zantiks MWP kit

  • Integrated unit (approx. 270mm H; 220mm D; 160mm W) with:
    • Zanscript (Zantiks software)
    • Built-in features / stimuli (overhead 'house lights', and, depending on the version of the MWP, screen, vibrating motor')
    • Camera
    • Computer
  • A 12V power cable
  • Zantiks router* and power cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Fits standard multiwell plates and Petri dishes**

A new temperature control system is being developed for the MWP unit which will be a free add on for current users.

* Zantiks router is supplied with the first unit, this is typically a Cisco router with 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port. Subsequent units can be networked to this router, using a network switch if necessary.

** Multiwell plates and Petri dishes not supplied.


Behavioural studies in the MWP include:

  • Locomotor activity
  • Circadian rhythm monitoring
  • Toxicity, phenotyping and drug screening
  • Startle response, habituation and prepulse inhibition

Setting up the MWP

  1. Place the MWP unit on a stable surface close to a power socket and away from disturbance.
  2. Insert the 12V power supply cable into the side socket of the MWP and plug it into the mains socket (see image below).
  3. Connect the ethernet cable at the side of the MWP unit and plug this into any of the 4 slots available in the LAN section of the router.
  4. Turn on the router and turn on the mains socket for the Zantiks unit. Wait a few minutes for the MWP unit to power on. When using the MWP version with a screen you will see text scroll across the screen before it finally displays the IP address of the unit (which begins with the same 7 digits 192.168.1.)
  5. You need the unit's IP address before starting. This is included on your delivery note, and if you have the version of the MWP with a screen, it will appear on the screen after start up. If you have only one Zantiks unit, the address will be The IP address is used to identify the unit on the Zantiks Control Console.
  6. Using any browser-enabled device (smartphone/tablet/laptop/PC/Mac):
    1. go to your device’s network settings and connect to the wifi network “Zantiks”
    2. type in the network password, which is initially set up as: behaviour, simply
    3. go to the address bar of the web browser and type in the IP address for your Zantiks unit (as mentioned above).
  7. Your web browser should now display the Zantiks Control Console page.

This video shows the socket panel on the side of the MWP unit and how the power supply cable, ethernet cable and green plugs should be inserted correctly.

Img 0042
Side of MWP unit showing where to insert the green connector plugs.

Next, go to the manual, Zantiks Control Console, to see how you operate the unit via your web browser.