• Cross-species behavioural studies with Zantiks

    Monitor a wide range of model organisms, from rodents and fish to flies and crustacea, in the automated units

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  • Automate your behavioural studies

    Discover how you can measure behaviour, simply, with the integrated Zantiks unit

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  • High-throughput, reproducible studies

    The small footprint and affordable price of this behavioural testing equipment makes it easy to scale up research studies

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  • Meet Zantiks at a conference

    Find out which neuroscience events we are attending, visit our booth and see how the units simplify behaviour studies

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Zantiks Mwp

Zantiks MWP

Zebrafish Larvae Blk Drosphilia Blk Daphnia Blk

Automated behavioural studies on larval zebrafish, Drosophila and Daphnia

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Zantiks Ad

Zantiks AD

Zebrafish Blk Mice Blk

Automated behavioural studies on adult zebrafish and mice

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Zantiks Ad

Zantiks LT

Rats Blk Mice Blk Zebrafish Blk

Automated behavioural studies on rats, mice and fish

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Model organisms

Automated experiments

The fully integrated Zantiks units enable reproducible protocols such as the 5-choice serial reaction time task, a training stage from which is illustrated in this video. With an isolated chamber and built-in stimuli the environment is replicated exactly for each adult zebrafish studied.

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