Company profile

Zantiks enables animal behaviour to be measured simply.

Zantiks units enable researchers to measure animal behaviour, simply. Based in the UK, Zantiks supplies researchers throughout the world with robust, versatile, easy-to-use equipment for behavioural studies.

We develop our products in close collaboration with researchers and produce fully integrated and automated systems, at low cost, for multiple species.

Our units are complete, networked systems which can be accessed and operated from any networked device (laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc). They provide multiple stimuli options, including temperature control, vibration, lighting, audio, and food/liquid & odour delivery for maximum flexibility to the researcher.

The compact units provide an isolated, consistent environment for standardised behavioural assays, including locomotor activity (toxicity, (opto)genetic, circadian), simple learning experiments (startle, habituation, PPI), and operant conditioning.

Zantiks units are currently available in three sizes: MWP, AD and LT. Results from live video tracking are processed in real-time at 30-60 fps with data therefore immediately available for statistical analysis. The latest models (ZS2) can record and subsequently track video at up to 600 frames per second. The Zantiks MWP ZS2 is further suitable for high resolution filming.

Zantiks units are used on 4 continents, 23 countries and over 80 labs worldwide, and their rigorously tested hardware works with many species, including (but not limited to!) Artemia (adult, nauplii), C.elegans, Daphnia (adult, neonate), Drosophila (adult, larvae), rodents (rats, mice) & zebrafish (adult, larvae, embryo).