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Zantiks Ltd produces and supplies model organism researchers with robust, versatile, easy-to-use equipment for behavioural studies.

The Zantiks units enable animal behaviour to be measured simply. All the automated behavioural units are complete, networked systems. The small, affordable units standardise locomotor activity monitoring (circadian, toxicological, genetic), simple learning experiments (startle, habituation), and operant conditioning experiments (5CSRTT). Results from live video tracking are processed in real-time: data are immediately available for statistical analysis.

Units provide an isolated, consistent environment, are equipped with visual and vibratory stimuli, and are delivered with appropriate cages, tanks and inserts. Control is from any networked device capable of web browsing (phone, tablet, laptop, netbook, desktop). The larger units can deliver solids and liquids (food rewards and chemical stimuli), as well as aversive stimuli (electric shocks).

Zantiks units are available in different sizes and are designed for use with model organisms including mice, adult zebrafish (Zantiks AD), larval zebrafish, Drosophila and Daphnia (Zantiks MWP), and a unit for rats and shoals of fish (Zantiks LT). The units may also be used with many other species. We distribute worldwide.

Find out how the Zantiks units have proven invaluable to the Brain and Behaviour lab at the University of Portsmouth, led by Matt Parker, where they are applied across a range of different species.

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