Software updates (free of charge)

Updates to the proprietary software used to run the Zantiks units will be released regularly. Software updates are supplied as a *.zup file. These can be uploaded to the unit from the 'System update' page accessible from 'Settings'. The unit should be restarted once the update is successfully uploaded.

The video below will walk you through how to perform a system update on any Zantiks unit.


Please note the following:

  • The software is frequently updated at present and it is possible that some information in this video manual may not exactly correspond with what you see on your screen. Updates are free of charge!
  • The software update should take less than a minute to complete.
  • SIGNIFICANT CHANGES: We do our utmost to ensure backward compatibility with software upgrades and current/older scripts: meaning pre-existing scripts on your unit will continue to work with the new software update. However, some updates change the default ways the software operates, so please note the following:
    • From October 2022, the default way that the location of stimuli on the screen are set (e.g., setting lights, sprite images or panning lights) has changed. It now uses millimetre coordinates to determine positions of stimuli (see the SETLIGHT section of the Zanscript syntax page for details).
      • To allow existing scripts to continue to run exactly as before, (i.e., using pixel coordinates) a new command, Set(DrawUnits,virtual), must be added to the top of your scripts (see the Using virtual pixel coordinates to set on-screen stimuli page for details on the preceding method for setting stimuli positions).
    • From May 2021, the default way of measuring movement and outputting movement data (i.e., distance travelled) has changed. It now measures and outputs movement data in millimetres (mm).
      • If using software prior to May 2021, you can calculate the ratio of pixels moved to mm moved by dividing the physical measurement of the cutout on the unit that your well plate / tank / cage fits into by the a measurement of an image taken from your Zantiks system (see the Pixel to millimetre conversion ratio page for details on converting pixels to mm.

Contact us if you have any queries, or would like to receive a system update or need a calibration plate.

How to update your Zantiks unit with your unit specific .zup file