Asset building in the MWP unit

This section contains instructions on how to build assets using zanscript in the MWP unit.


Building assets for multi-well plates

Once the calibration is complete, you can download and run the scripts to generate your assets.

1. Download the relevant script below and add this to the Services directory. Instructions on how to upload scripts and add services can be found in Zanscripts & services.

2. Place an empty multi-well or bioassay plate onto the stand and place into the MWP unit. Use the same positioning as with the calibration plate (i.e., pushed to the back and left). When using the YMaze plates it is important to ensure that the plate has been placed the correct way up. You will be able to see this during the asset building. Always ensure that your YMaze plate is the correct way up when running experiments.

3. While looking at the live video feed, run the script. You will see the arenas asset, followed by the zones asset, generated on the screen and can check the alignment/positioning of the asset with the wells on your plate.

4. Once the script has been run, the asset can be found as a .bmp file in the 'Assets Directory'. The name of the .bmp file that is generated can then be written into experiments for tracking using the LOAD(ARENAS,"name_of_asset") and LOAD(DETECTORS,"name_of_asset") commands.


How to edit arena or zone placement

The dimensions provided within the scripts will produce the correct number of arenas and zones at the estimated correct positioning. However, the dimensions of multi-well plates may differ between manufacturers. As such, you may need to adjust the dimensions using the following 6 DEFINE directives in the script to match the specifications of the plate you are using.

Example Script
#Geometric definition for 6-well plate 

DEFINE X_OFFSET: moves the arenas & zones across the horizontal (x) plane of the image. Increasing this number shifts all arenas to the right and decreasing this number shifts all the arenas to the left.

DEFINE Y_OFFSET: moves the arenas across the vertical (y) plane of the image. Increasing this number shifts all arenas down and decreasing this number shifts all the arenas to the up.

NOTE: These numbers only need to be adjusted minimally to see a difference.

DEFINE COL_STEP: controls the spacing between the wells along the horizontal (x) plane of the image. Increasing this number increases the space between well columns and decreasing this number moves the columns closer together.

DEFINE ROW_STEP: controls the spacing between the wells along the vertical (y) plane of the image. Increasing this number increases the space between well rows and decreasing this number moves the rows closer together.

NOTE: These numbers are typically the same as the spacing across rows and columns on a well plate tend to be uniform.

DEFINE RADIUS: The radius of the well should be consistent with the manufacturer's specifications. You can increase or decrease the size of the arena by adjusting this number.

DEFINE RADIUS_DZ: defines the size of the inner zone in the dual zone asset. It is the size for the 'inner zone'. The calculation for a zone at 50% of the arena's area is =radius/sqrt(2).


Video demo

The video below demonstrates how to run the calibration on the Zantiks console in the MWP unit and build an asset.

Calibrating the MWP unit and building assets.


Script downloads

To download the zanscripts to build assets for a range of multi-well plates as a .zs files (file type Zantiks software reads), choose the Save File As option in the right-click dialogue box. Clicking on the script name hyperlink will open a read-only version of the script.

NOTE: We have noted that Costar® well plates have significantly different positioning of their wells to many other manufacturers and therefore have provided a separate script for Costar® well plate users.

Script downloads:

6-well plate: g6.zs

12-well plate: g12.zs

24-well plate: g24.zs
24-well Costar® plate: g24costar.zs

24-well plate (square): g24_square.zs

48-well plate: g48.zs

96-well plate: g96.zs

96-well plate (square): g96_square.zs 

2 YMaze plate: g2YMaze_plate.zs

4 YMaze plate: g4YMaze_plate.zs

15 YMaze plate: g15YMaze_plate.zs

90mm petri dish: gpetridish.zs

Social bioassay plate: gMWP_social.zs

Cuvette side stand: gCuvette_Stand.zs

Embryo plate (for use with 12mm lens): gEmbryo_Plate.zs


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