Zantiks Control Console

The Zantiks Control Console is the home page of the Zantiks unit. From this page you can operate the unit, from uploading and writing scripts, to loading services, running experiments and downloading data result files and videos.


Zantiks Status and Control

The top section of the home page (Zantiks Console page) shows the current status of the unit (“Current service:”), the current status of the experiment (*RUNNING* or *IDLE*) and Shutdown access.

Zantiks Status and Control

Figure A: Zantiks Status and Control

  1. "Set ID" (A1): You can set the subject’s ID (i.e., the identification name or reference given to the individual subject - or group for an experiment) in the Set ID box.
    1. Type in the subject ID, (e.g., Fish 1).
    2. Click the Set ID button.
    3. The subject ID name will then display in the data output from your experiments (see below).
  2. “Shutdown” (A2): The unit must be shutdown from this interface before the unit is turned off at the power socket. Units should be shut down each day after use.
  3. "Current service" (A3): On the second line, the current service chosen is displayed (i.e. test1 in image above). If **None** is shown, no service is selected.
  4. "IDLE"/"RUNNING" (A4): If the unit is currently running an experiment, the word *RUNNING* will appear in a pink banner. *IDLE* indicates the experiment is not currently running.
  5. “Identification” (A5): When operating multiple Zantiks units from this console, the subjects’ IDs for each unit can be added here as well as the labelling the tanks.
    1. Click on Identification button
    2. This opens a new screen ‘Experiment identification’
    3. In the ID box put in the subject ID reference
    4. The ‘Apparatus’ box will show ‘Zantiks tank’
    5. Click Set Identification
    6. Click on Home button to go back to the Home page


This middle section of the home page provides access to all the services (i.e., experiments) ready to run.

Home-page-illustration-Services-3.png#asset:177Figure B: Zantiks Control Console - Services

The Zanscript services are the uploaded experiments created using scripts, (i.e. Zanscripts written on the unit as .zs files as described below) which the unit is set to run.

  1. Slots 1-20 - Twenty services can be loaded here at any one time (see Figure B above). To run an experiment, click on the relevant slot which lists the experiment/service’s name. This service will then be detailed after “Current service” (see Figure A , A3).
  2. To familiarise yourself with how the unit and scripts work together go to the relevant section (Create and load a new service) found on the Zanscripts & services page.


In the bottom part of the home page is the Administration section where all data and directory files held on the unit’s internal storage are accessed.

Home-page-illustration-Administration-3_180313_115445.png#asset:178Figure C: Zantiks Console - Administration

  1. “Disk Space” (C1) - Media: 25436 Mb System: 1065 Mb: This indicates the amount of disk space that is still available on the unit. It is advisable to download regularly the media and data from your experiments and delete old files to free up storage space on the unit.
    • Regular removal of files is recommended. When less than 500 Mb remains the Disk Space line will turn red, as a warning.
  2. "Settings" (C2): This is where experiments are assigned to Slots 1-20 in the Services section. Click on the Settings link which opens a new window ‘Settings’ (see image below).Settings-page.png#asset:197
    1. Under Zanscript shortcuts you can enter the name of the script that you want to upload in the slot you have chosen. Detailed instructions are on the Zanscripts & services page.
    2. Reference Image - this button enables you to capture the camera image for use as the background reference. To update the reference image make sure no targets are in the camera's field of view.
    3. Shutdown - the unit can be shutdown from the ‘Settings’ page as well as the home page.
    4. Restart - this is typically only applicable when you have done a ‘System Update’ and need to restart the unit before using it again.
    5. System update - this links to the ‘System update’ page, for details see the Software updates page.
    6. Click on Home to return to the Home page.
  3. "Services directory" (C3): Compiled scripts will save here as .zex files (Zanscript executable files). This directory will not need to be accessed, other than to delete a .zex file from the unit.
  4. "Assets directory" (C4): This is where arena settings and reference images are saved as .bmp files. For example, the AD unit comes preloaded with arenas that match the inserts supplied. A reference image is taken at the beginning of each service to enable accurate tracking of subjects. Only one reference image (the latest taken) is ever stored at a time. See Assets section on the Zanscripts & Services page.
  5. "Media directory" (C5): If a script is programmed to record a video or a still image is taken during the experiment, it saves to the Media Directory. In addition, when you click on the ‘Capture image’ button on the Home page, or on the Live Video page, it captures an instantaneous image of the arena and saves the file in the directory as a .jpg.
  6. "Data files" (C6): The data from an experiment are saved as .csv files and can be accessed here. Each experiment saves both individual subject files and compiled files. All subjects’ individual data are saved independently into individual files. The system also saves data into a compiled file for all subjects that perform the same experiment on the same day. Data files can be downloaded directly onto any device connected to the unit (i.e., smartphone, PC, Mac, etc.).
  7. "Units Online" (C7): All Zantiks units connected to the network can be quickly accessed from this area.
  8. “Refresh” (C8): This will refresh the connected device’s screen with any updates if the device is dormant for a while.
  9. "Capture image" (C9): You can take a still image from the camera by clicking on this button, it will take you to a screen showing the captured image. The image will be stored in the Media Directory (see 5C in Figure C above).
  10. "Live video" (C10): Live video allows real-time monitoring of the subject and stimuli. This is an ideal page from which to start an experiment, as you can check that the arena is set up as you expect before clicking 'Run' to start the experiment.
  11. "Zanscript" (C11): This is where you can create or edit your scripts. You will see a list of current experiments on the system. You can edit them by clicking on ‘Edit’. (See 'Create and load a new service' section on the Zanscripts & Services page for more details.)
  12. "Run" (C12): Once the subject ID is set and the experiment is chosen (the correct ‘Current service’ will display on the Home page), click ‘Run’ to start the service. Ensure the subject is in the unit!
  13. "Stop" (C13): Click ‘Stop’ to stop the service mid-experiment (this is not a pause).

Next go the manual, Zanscripts & services, to see how to edit and write your scripts on the unit (via your web browser), load them as services and run your experiments.