Daphnia Black


Daphnia is a freshwater crustacean and an established model species in toxicology. Behavioural assays are easily conducted on adult and neonate Daphnia in the Zantiks MWP unit.


Behavioural assays

Daphnia are commonly used for environmental monitoring of pollutants, as such they are often used for toxicology studies.

The MWP unit can be used to measure the behaviour of Daphnia. In particular, it can facilitate the OCED Guidelines protocol "OECD Test No. 202: Daphnia sp. Acute Immobilisation Test".

The option for side view also facilitates the assessment of additional behaviours including:

  • Vertical and horizontal migration
  • Additional swimming parameters

Side view and vertical zone use of Daphnia in the Zantiks MWP unit

Time-lapse of ecotoxicology experiment with Daphnia in the Zantiks MWP unit exposed to Copper Sulphate