Peltier temperature control for MWP

This video demonstrates how to attach the Peltier temperature control add-on unit for the MWP. The Peltier temperature control unit consists of 2 insulated tubes, a black fan motor and 16 screws. There is also an allen key which fits the screws. It is important to tighten each screw securely, so no air leaks between the fan motor, the MWP unit and the insulated tubes.

How to attach the Peltier temperature control add on to the MWP unit

NOTE: In some cases there may be condensation created in the fan motor during use, in which case the water will come out under the front end of the fan motor unit.

The fan will turn on as soon as the 2-wire 3-way green connector plug is inserted into the MWP socket, as long as the MWP unit is powered.


Temperature control demo scripts

To operate the Peltier temperature control unit in the script, please refer to the Temperature control MWP demo script on the website.