Light-off startle response (adult Drosophila)

There are three scripts for a lights off startle response assay for adult Drosophila: a lights off duration script, a habituation script, and a prepulse inhibition script.

There will be one asset you use for all three scripts. This will be custom calibrated for your specific well plate or Petri dish (e.g., a 24 multiwell plate).

Also provide below is a R code for data analysis. The code was originally written for Allen et al. (2020) which investigated prepulse inhibition to a light off stimuli in adult Drosophila.



  1. Light_off_duration.zs
    1. Drosophila are exposed to a light off stimuli of varying duration including 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19 ms
  2. Habituation.zs
    1. Drosophila are exposed to repeated light off stimuli at 1 second intervals
  3. PPI.zs
    1. Drosophila are exposed to a pre-pulse light off stimuli before a full light off stimuli


You will need to upload the appropriate asset into the Asset directory on your Zantiks Control Console and ensure the correct asset name is in the LOAD(DETECTORS,"name_of_asset") command in the script.

See the Calibrating your Zantiks unit page and Asset building in the MWP unit page for details on how to create assets customised to your system.


Data and Analysis

The data presented here is that produced by Allen et al. (2020) for publication. It has been uploaded as an example of the data output which can be produced from this protocol

Light off duration:

  1. Light Off Duration Data 1
  2. Light Off Duration Data 2
  3. Light Off Duration Log Data


  1. Habituation Data


  1. PPI_data_1.csv
  2. PPI_data_2.csv
  3. PPI_data_3.csv
  4. PPI_data_4.csv
  5. PPI_data_5.csv

The R code presented here is the code used by Allen et al. (2020) for analysis of the above data. It has been uploaded as an open resource for analysing data produced from the PPI protocol with Drosophila.

  1. Light_off-Duration-Analysis.txt
  2. Habituation-Analysis.txt
  3. PPI-Analysis.txt

Note: this data analysis was performed on a Windows device using Rstudio version 1.3.1056, R version 4.0.2, tidyverse 1.3.0. As such some edits to the coding may be necessary if you are trying to use this code on a different device and/or a different version of R software. Mac users may be required to load additional packages to the standard "tidyverse" package in order for some functions in the code to work.