Pavlovian avoidance learning (zebrafish)

There is one script for the Pavlovian Avoidance Learning Assay for adult zebrafish.

There are two assets you will use. "arenas_4l_shock.bmp" will 'divide' the testing tank into four arenas; one for each individual fish and "zones_2w.bmp" will 'divide' your testing tank in two separate target zones where your stimuli will be presented.

See the protocol page, Pavlovian avoidance learning (zebrafish) for more details on the assay.



You will need to upload the asset into the Asset directory on your Zantiks Control Console and ensure the correct asset name is in the LOAD(DETECTORS,"name_of_asset") and the LOAD(ARENAS,"name_of_asset") command in the script.

  1. arenas_4l_shock.bmp
  2. zones_2w.bmp

Sprite images

When using sprite images for your stimuli, you will also need to upload them into the Assets directory and include them in the script. The following images are a checked pattern vs a grey colour.

  1. check640X640.bmp
  2. grey128X128.bmp