5 choice serial reaction time task (zebrafish)

There are five separate scripts for the 5-Choice Serial Reaction Time Task for adult zebrafish. The initial four scripts will shape the subject's behaviour to the needed response and the final script introduces a random delay between initiation of the trial and the stimulus light appearing.

There is one asset you will need which creates the initiator, feeder and stimulus light areas.

See the protocol page, 5-Choice serial reaction time task (5-CSRTT) (zebrafish) for more details on the assay.



  1. 5CSRTT_all_detectors_training.zs
    1. Initiator light and all 5 stimulus lights are presented together. Any light entered will result in food reward.
  2. 5CSRTT_initiator_light_training.zs
    1. Only the initiator light is presented now and needs to be entered in order food reward to be given.
  3. 5CSRTT_ini_stimulus_training.zs
    1. Initiator light needs to be entered in order for all 5 stimulus lights to be presented. Food reward can be obtained by entering any of the 5 stimulus locations.
  4. 5CSRTT_discrimination_training.zs
    1. Initiator light needs to be entered in order for one light to be presented in one of the 5 stimulus locations and the animal needs to enter the lit location to obtain food.
  5. 5CSRTT_random_delay.zs
    1. A random delay is introduced before stimulus presentation of 0, 1, 2, 4, or 8 secs.


You will need to upload the asset into the Asset directory on your Zantiks Control Console and ensure the correct asset name is in the LOAD(DETECTORS,"name_of_asset") command in the script.

  1. fully_zoned_operant_5_hole.bmp