Target zone methods

This tutorial will explain the different SET(DETECTORS, #) commands to employ various detection types within a specified target zone. 


Commands to set target zone methods

There are 5 SET commands which can be used in your script to choose the target zone detection method. One of these commands is used at a time and the default setting is SET(DETECTORS,DETECT_ENTRY). The chosen command can be placed at the top of your script or they can be alternated throughout the ACTIONs - in this case they should be placed in the beginning of the appropriate ACTION prior to the DETECTOR(DETECTOR#) commands. 


SET(DETECTORS,DETECT_ENTRY) - counts the number of times the test subject enters a detector zone.

SET(DETECTORS,DETECT_EXIT) - counts the number of times the test subject leaves a detector zone.

SET(DETECTORS,DETECT_CHANGE) - marks every change of state within a detector (e.g., a change from present to absent or vice versa in each detector zone).

SET(DETECTORS,DETECT_PRESENCE) - records the presence of the test subject in a detector zone. 

NOTE: If the test subject has not moved during the autoreference period, it will not be tracked until it moves. This can impact the presence data at the beginning of an experiment. 

SET(DETECTORS,DETECT_ABSENCE) - records the absence of the test subject in a detector zone. 

NOTE: As with the presence data this can be impacted by an animal not being tracked at the beginning of an experiment until it moves. If you are having issues with either of these methods, please contact us for advice.

It's important to remember to use WAIT commands following  DETECTOR(DETECTOR#) commands. It allows the animal time to respond to the target zones. The wait period is ended once the target zone's method has be enabled (e.g., once animal enters or leaves the target zone, the wait period is over and the next command/action occurs). 


Script download

To download the detector_modes_demo script as a .zs file (file type Zantiks software reads), choose the Save File As option in the right-click dialogue box. Clicking on the script name hyperlink will open a read-only version of the script.

Script download: detector_modes_demo.zs