Audio file demo

This script explains the commands for adding audio stimuli to your experiments. The software can play .wav files. The files must be uploaded to your Assets directory.

The built-in sound amplifier needs to be powered via an external 2.1mm centre positive, 12V power plug. You may use either the sound exciter supplied with your Zantiks system, or your own external speaker. For either to work they will need to be plugged into the 2 pin DIN speaker cable (talk to us if you wish to use your own speaker and need advice on connecting to the speaker cable). A power plug and two sound exciters are supplied with your unit. A set of matching plug and socket connectors are also supplied to allow external speakers to be wired and attached to the 2 pin DIN cables.

NOTE: Only systems with an aluminium top box (which became available after January 2021) will have audio playback capability.

The 2 pin DIN plugs are attached via the red and black wires, they are for left and right speakers (right = above, left = below) followed by the 12V power cable, and the audio aux cable in the lowermost plug. You may use both right and left speakers simultaneously or just one speaker of your choice.

A blue light will illuminate within the topbox when the sound amplifier is properly powered.

When the sound exciter is attached to a surface it creates vibrations on the surface to produce sound. When used on the side of an aquatic tank, the vibrations are then able to transfer through the water.

Sound Wires
The sound exciter plugged into the 2 pin DIN cables. The sound exciter may be attached to any hard surface on which it sticks. In this example we have attached the speaker to the side of the Zantiks AD system. You may also attach the sound exciter to the side to a tank. You can choose to use a single sound exciter or both (right and left).

Full example script explanation


LOAD(AUDIO_FILE,"file_name.wav") will play the file named within the " ". The file must be uploaded to the Assets directory on your Control Console. This command should be written at the point in your script that you want the sound to play.

WAIT(#) - Each LOAD command needs to be followed by a wait period that details the length of time you want the sound to play.


Script download

To download the audio_demo script as a .zs file (file type Zantiks software reads), choose the Save File As option in the right-click dialogue box. Clicking on the script name hyperlink will open a read-only version of the script.

Script download: audio_demo.zs


You will need to upload the appropriate assets into the Asset directory on your Zantiks Control Console.

Example .wav files: