Pre-pulse inhibition analysis - Drosophila (3rd party)

Created by Tom Allen as part of a summer internship for Zantiks Ltd.

Note: this data analysis was performed on a Windows device using Rstudio version 1.3.1056, R version 4.0.2, tidyverse 1.3.0. As such some edits to the coding may be necessary if you are trying to use this code on a different device and/or a different version of R software. Mac users may be required to load additional packages to the standard "tidyverse" package in order for some functions in the code to work.


'R' codes for analysis of data produced from the PPI protocol with Drosophila.

  1. Light_off-Duration-Analysis.txt
  2. Habituation-Analysis.txt
  3. PPI-Analysis.txt


Allen, T., Budenberg, W. J. (2021). Replicating Light-Off Startle Responses in Drosophila melanogaster. bioRxiv, 2021 Feb 24; 432669. 10.1101/2021.02.24.432669