18 October 2018

Side screen for the Zantiks AD

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The new side screen for the Zantiks AD offers researchers the ability to present lateral images during their automated experiments. The side screen can by placed either at the back or the front of the chamber, and, combined with a 2-choice insert, the unit can record nose pokes in a similar fashion to a touchscreen.

The screen comes with a black tank, with a clear end and clear bottom, and two inserts - a 2-choice insert (zebrafish insert shown above, both on its own and in the black tank) and a 2-choice feeder insert. It enables automated experiments for model organisms, such as the zebrafish and mouse, that incorporate 2-choice laterally presented image stimuli which can either be displayed in the same or different location to rewards.

For more details on how to install the side screen, refer to the 'Setting up the side screen' section in the AD introduction manual, or refer to the Side screen demo page to see how an experiment could run. If you would like to find out how the screen could be used for any particular experiments, please email