20 August 2019

World Mosquito Day

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If you are at Ento'19, The Royal Entomological Society's annual meeting in London, on the first day, seek out Bill Budenberg (founder of Zantiks) to find out how the Zantiks units can automate behavioural measurement of insects.

Bill will have access to live footage of mosquito larvae tracking, and will be able to explain how easy it is to run an automated experiment in a Zantiks unit as well as demonstrate the processed results you can obtain from the units. Real-time video recordings and processed results - which detail data such as distance travelled; time spent, and distance travelled, in different zones - is ready for download, as .avi files and .csv files respectively, as soon as experiments finish.

For more information talk to Bill at Ento'19 today (20 August), visit the Zantiks stand at one of these upcoming conferences, or request a demonstration and email us at