02 July 2018

Neuroscience and zebrafish conferences in July

Exhibition Stand Sf N2017 Crop

At the Zantiks stand at FENS 2018 in Berlin, 7-11 July, a range of arena inserts for mice will be on display as well as units set up for zebrafish, Drosophila and Daphnia. Easy to operate, Zantiks units automate experiments using built-in stimuli, providing real-time processed results data and video recordings. Consequently they are popular with behavioural specialists as well as neuroscientists keen to phenotype their model organisms alongside their normal research.

The focus is on zebrafish in Leiden, at the Zebrafish Disease Models conference ZDM11 (10-13 July), where we will present the wide variety of cognition, learning and memory, and locomotor experiments you can conduct with adult, larval and embryo zebrafish using Zantiks units.

Please drop by the stand for an introduction, or email us at with your research details, and we will prepare a tailored demonstration.