03 September 2018

Neurofly 2018

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Visit the Zantiks exhibition stand at Neurofly 2018 (3-7 September 2018) to see how the MWP unit could help you with your behavioural studies. Whether behaviour is your specialty or forms an interesting part of your research, the MWP enables you to conduct a range of automated studies, simply.

A new version of the MWP can be used to track the movement of both adult and larval Drosophila. Built-in stimuli include lights, images presented on a screen, temperature control and auditory / vibration from a motor. Real-time video recording a processed results data in a .csv file are downloadable straight after each experiment.

For full details of the behavioural tracking available, and a demonstration of the unit, visit the Zantiks exhibition booth at the 17th European Drosophila Neurobiology Conference. Or contact us with details of your research requirements, email