28 November 2019

BNA Credibility in Neuroscience

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The Credibility manifesto, launched on Monday 25 November by the British Neuroscience Association (BNA), outlines the BNA’s vision to ensure that neuroscience research is as reliable, robust, replicable and reproducible as possible. One of their main commitments is to give all neuroscientists the tools, skills, knowledge and processes they need to carry out neuroscience research which is as credible as possible.

Zantiks is pleased to sponsor the credibility zone at this year’s BNA Christmas symposium on 16 December. The BNA invites scientists to come to the symposium and visit the zone to share their views about credibility / open /reproducible science.

One of the main aims behind Zantiks is to help scientists produce standardised, reproducible, high throughput experiments that can be conducted on a wide range of species. We believe that by facilitating more sophisticated behavioural experiments on less sentient animals, and creating an environment for standardised experiments should also help reduce the number of experiments needed to prove outcomes. Zantiks units are designed to enable standardised protocols, reproducible between labs, across continents and between species.

Read the BNA Credibility manifesto

Register for the BNA Christmas Symposium, Pain, Pleasure and the Agony of Christmas

Find out more about Zantiks units: MWP unit for larval zebrafish, Drosophila, Daphnia; AD unit for adult zebrafish, mice; LT unit for fish, mice, rats.