Zantiks MWP

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Automated tracking system for multiwell plates and Petri dishes

With its small footprint, advanced functionality, simple operation and affordability the Zantiks MWP is ideal for researchers who want to automate behavioural studies. The unit provides environmental control (temperature and lights) as well as visual and vibratory (& audio) stimuli. Predominantly used with larval zebrafish, Daphnia and Drosophila, it can also be used with other similar small model organisms. While an invaluable tool for the researcher specialising in behavioural studies, it is also useful for any scientists working with model organisms as it helps them phenotype their organisms easily.


Target organisms

Zebrafish larvae, Drosophila adults, Daphnia (neonates to adults), other crustaceans, and other small animals that can be housed in well plates or Petri dishes.

Target studies

The Zantiks MWP unit is suitable for locomotor, toxicity, startle, PPI, habituation and circadian studies.

Built-in stimuli

  • Vibratory stimulus – length, strength and pattern can be precisely controlled with ms accuracy. Suitable for generating startle responses and suitable for PPI studies.
  • Overall illumination – overall illumination can be supplied from above the multiwell plate. Colour, brightness and duration can be specified with ms accuracy. This can be used to provide ambient lighting, circadian rhythm entrainment and/or light flashes to elicit startle responses, for habituation and PPI studies.
  • Temperature control – the temperature of the tracking chamber can be controlled.

Fully networked

Zantiks units are supplied with a router and controlled via a web browser, allowing users to operate them from their own phone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac. From the web browser users can edit scripts, start and stop chosen scripts, view live video, download results (.csv) files, which are ready for statistical analysis.

Video and tracking

Tracking of up to 96 single housed small animals can be carried out at 30 Hz. Video recordings may be made simultaneously. Tracking at up to 90Hz in a smaller central area is also possible.


Six-day old zebrafish larvae being tracked in a Zantiks MWP system – video is created simultaneously with tracking.

Dimensions (provisional – final design to be specified)

Overall unit size (external, approx. mm): 200 width, 250 depth, 370 height

Inserts: To fit standard multiwell / microtiter plates, 128mm x 86mm, and Petri Dishes

Zantiks MWP Manual

If you would like further information on how to use the Zantiks MWP, please email us or take a look at the manual:

Download the Zantiks Manual