We have a range of products for model organism research.

All our units:

  • Provide an isolated, stable environment for consistent results
  • Require only 12V power and a network connection
  • Are controlled via any browser – from your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop
  • Generate a live video view in a browser
  • Use the Zanscript language for experiment specification, results processing and output
  • Are highly integrated and versatile
  • Are very productive as results (as well as / rather than just raw data) are generated as the experiment is carried out.
  • Are compact, taking up relatively little laboratory bench space/rack space

Single units can be used and be highly productive but it is envisaged multiple units will be used in labs. These units will deliver high-throughput behavioural testing.

Download a pdf flyer

Zantiks AD system at QMUL, London

Zantiks AD

Operant conditioning & tracking chamber for fish (Adult Danio and others)

Zantiks MWP as used at Cambridge University

Zantiks MWP

Tracking system for MultiWell plates and Petri dishes, with lighting and vibration stimuli


Scripting language for Zantiks products

This is supplied with Zantiks units.

It is simple to use, and provides precise control for the experiments.

Zantiks will supply scripts for many common experiments (together with comments) and will provide support for those using the language.