12 November 2019

Interview in News-Medical Life Sciences

Sf N19 Img 0955

We were remembering the Society of Neuroscience's meeting in Chicago last month when we saw this new interview with Bill Budenberg publish in News-Medical Life Sciences.

It was interesting to meet so many scientists at the SfN Zantiks stand and hear about all the different research they would like to automate in the Zantiks units. If you didn't have a chance to see a demo of the kit at the conference get in touch via email so that we can set up a video call or meeting soon.

We also enjoyed meeting other members of the Neuroscience community - including Zoe Peterkin from News-Medical Life Sciences. Her interview with Bill picks up on the large range of species that can be tracked in the Zantiks units - from mice and rats, zebrafish and Drosophila, to Xenopus, crabs, gribbles, Daphnia and more.