Other organisms

Many other organisms have been monitored in the Zantiks units, including xenopus, stickleback, insects and crustacea.



These fishes are often used as a model to study evolution and ecology. Similar in size to the zebrafish, adult stickleback can be monitored in the Zantiks AD.

A stickleback exploring the Zantiks AD tank, set up with the food hopper and 5-choice inserts​.



Both the tadpole and adult Xenopus amphibian models are frequently used in biomedical research when studying vertebrate embryology and development, basic cell and molecular biology, and even to model human diseases.

A Xenopus explores a tank in the AD unit



Behavioural resilience in mosquitoes poses a significant challenge to malaria control. Consequently behavioural studies of adult and larval mosquitoes play an important part in understanding resistance in malaria vectors.

Tracking mosquito larvae in the Zantiks MWP_vb unit.