Neuroscience 2016

We will soon be arriving in San Diego, and the team of Bill , Judit and Steven look forward to meeting you on the stand 107A! We will be available to talk to you about how the Zantiks equipment will be able to help you run behaviour experiments.

As a short preview of the opportunities I leave you with a couple of videos to watch. Here we have 4 fish swimming over green and blue backgrounds in the Zantiks AD system – this records the baseline behaviour.

The Zantiks AD system then repeatedly applied a small electric shock across the tank when the entire background was blue.

And we then tracked the fish:

Visual inspection shows the fish have learnt to avoid swimming over blue!

Thanks to Caroline Brennan’s lab at QMUL, and in particular Ari Sudwarts 

Please also try and fit in the following posters:

352.22 / DP08 – A conditioned place preference forward genetic screen in zebrafish identifies a novel locus affecting nicotine preference in fish and smoking behavior in humans.

229.07. Zebrafish as a model for translational neurobiology: implications for drug discovery

550.17. The use of zebrafish to identify genes affecting working memory and age-related cognitive decline.

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