Successful Launch


The team from Zantiks and collaborators (Caroline Brennan, Alistair Brock, both QMUL London, UK  and Matt Parker, University of Portsmouth, UK) were in Dublin last week for the Measuring Behavior 2016 conference. Caroline presented the results in the Fish Session, and Bill Budenberg presented the Zantiks operant conditioning and tracking system in the Demonstration Showcase Integrated operant ‘box’.

Both presentations were well received and created a lot of interest.


As part of her presentation Caroline showed one of her fish performing in the 5 choice operant assay – the task is initiated by the fish swimming above the light on the left of the picture (at mid height). The fish then needs to swim to one of the chambers at the right hand end – if it swims into the lit one it is immediately supplied with food mid height extreme left side of the image (indicated on this video by the light). The video was made from images recorded by the system as the task was being performed.

17 systems will be supplied to Caroline by early July, and if you would like some please be in touch!