‘Skinner Box’ for adult Zebrafish

Zantiks produces easy to use, reliable laboratory equipment for behavioural research on model organisms. Our AD units (in fact 8 of them, in prototype form) can be seen below in use in the lab of Caroline Brennan at Queen Mary University of London. Many thanks to Caroline and her colleagues. Zantiks has developed from a collaboration with the Brennan lab to make a more versatile, smaller and simpler version of the automated operant apparatus developed and reported in Parker et al 2013. Over the past 2 years Zantiks has worked closely with the Brennan lab to deliver prototypes, develop enhancements, and for them to be trialled and tested.


8 systems in use at QMUL

These are ‘Skinner Boxes’ for zebrafish adults. Each unit comes complete with a mechanism for running scripted operant experiments, such that fish may be rewarded with food for responding to coloured lights (i.e. swimming over them).

Scripts are written in simple text files, compiled, and uploaded to the units’ webpage. Many scripts can be uploaded to a unit, and then any one selected and run via a web console, which also enables live viewing of the fish. Results from the runs are logged to the unit, and may then be downloaded over the network for further analysis.